What do I get from my CTE program?

Students completing a CTE program receive intensive career specific skill training that may include on the job experience, mentoring from individuals in the field, industry certifications and licensures, and apprenticeship training. Specific benefits are included for each program in the individual program descriptions.

What types of programs does the CTE offer?

CTE offers programs from many different career fields such as finance and marketing, welding, working with automobiles, careers in construction, nursing and health services, computer training, architecture and engineering, cosmetology, and law enforcement.

When can I start taking these classes?

Middle school students are offered introductory courses to help them pick which program area(s) to focus on in high school.

Due to the Freshman Academy, there are certain guidelines as to what grade level a class can be taken. Some can be taken as a freshman, while others have to wait until the sophomore year. You will have to check with your guidance counselor for that information.

How many of these courses can I take?

You can take as many as can fit into your schedule.

How many credits can I earn for each class?

Some classes are worth 1 credit while others are worth 2. You will have to check with your guidance counselor.

Can I get college credit for any of these courses?

CTE classes are designed to prepare you for the workforce. With that in mind, some courses are offered as dual-credit classes. That means you can take a class at a college and get credit at both your high school and the college. You will have to check with your guidance counselor for a list of classes.

Where can I find out more information about CTE?

You can find information about CTE on our website or from your guidance counselor.