School Support Organizations

As outlined in Hamblen County Board of Education Policy, a school support organization is defined as a booster club, foundation, parent-teacher association, parent-teacher organization, parent-teacher support organization, or any other nongovernmental organization or group of persons whose primary purpose is to support a school district, school, school club, or academic, arts, athletic, or social activities related to a school, and which collects or receives money, materials, property, securities, services, or other things of value from students, parents, or members of the general public, and whose financial activities are managed OUTSIDE the school's or school district's activity funds financial accounting system.


In accordance with school board policy 2.404, the following organizations are officially recognized as school support organizations in Hamblen County Schools for the 2023-2024 school year:


Morristown East High Basketball Boosters


Morristown East Lady Canes Softball Booster Club


Morristown East High Football Booster Club


Morristown East High Baseball Booster Club


Morristown East Volleyball Club


Morristown East High Lady Canes Basketball Booster Club


Morristown West Baseball Dugout Club


Morristown West Lady Trojan Roundball Club


Morristown West High School Quarterback Club

Morristown-Hamblen High School West Volleyball Club


Morristown-Hamblen West High School Softball Booster Club


Morristown-Hamblen  West High School Trojan Basketball Club