Returning Student Enrollment (English)


Returning students are those students who completed the 2021-2022 school year at a Hamblen County School (enrolled through May 23, 2022). Students will be pre-loaded for enrollment at their zoned school as of May 2, 2022. The enrollment school cannot be changed during the online enrollment process. If a family has moved during the summer out of their zoned school area, students will report to the school they plan on attending on the first day of school.  Proofs of residency will be required before the school can enroll the student. The online enrollment ensures that your child's school and the district has updated student, family and emergency information.  Student and family phone numbers, addresses, emergency contact information, and student health information can change from year to year.  It is essential that your child's school have the most up-to-date information on the first day of school in case of an emergency situation.

 Proofs of residency will be required to be presented at the school. The first day of school is an attendance day. Students who do not report to their school on this day will be counted absent.

A parent/guardian of a returning student will only be able to enroll with THEIR Parent Portal Account (student portal accounts do not have access to the registration icon/link). The link to returning student registration will take you to the Parent Portal Login page in order to register the student.  Most schools will not have office staff available when the registration window opens. It is very important that you have your Parent Portal account created. This will ensure you have the best possible experience completing your child’s online enrollment. 

Returning student online enrollment should be completed PRIOR TO May 13, 2022. The enrollment process will be available starting May 09, 2022.

Forgotten your Parent Portal Login information?

  • If you have forgotten your username and password, you can use the ‘Forgot Username or Password’ link to retrieve your log in information on the Parent Portal Login Page.
  • If you need any assistance with the process, please contact your child’s school. School office personnel can help you with the process or questions. 

Need A Parent Portal Account (Parents with a returning student without a Parent Portal Account):


  • You will need a Parent Access ID and Access Password to initially setup your account. You obtain this information from your child’s school.
  • Please contact your child's school to receive information for creating your PowerSchool Parent Portal account. School office personnel can help you with the process or questions. 
  • Once you have the required information, visit the Parent Portal and follow instructions provided. 

The estimated time to complete enrollment is about 20 minutes per student who is being enrolled, if you have all available information ready when you begin the process.

The following is a list of information you will need to gather prior to starting the process:

  • A working (PARENT/GUARDIAN) Parent Portal Account.  If your Parent Portal Account does not work, you will need to contact your school’s office staff in August to obtain a Parent Portal Account.  (STUDENT ACCOUNTS DO NOT ACCESS ENROLLMENT AREAS)
  • An active email address is required to register online whether you use the ParentPortal option or not.  If you do not have one, you can try a free site like Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook.  (Please have this created in advance)
  • You will verify existing basic student information
  • Emergency Contacts (including phone number) (at least 1 is required, but up to 3 contacts can be entered
  • If recording a physician and dentist, you must have a contact phone number for them
  • Current medication
  • Whom your child may be picked up at school by (Can record up to 5 contacts who are not the parent/guardian)
  • If your child rides a bus, what bus number and the estimated miles they will travel on the bus (miles must be entered in whole numbers or in decimals such as 2 for two miles or 2.5 for two and ½ miles). You can find your child’s bus number by going to Find Your School Zone
  • Early dismissal, if your child rides a different bus, alternate emergency drop off location (address)

If you do not have a MyPaymentsPlus Account, you will have the opportunity to set an account up (separate website), If you have an account, you will need to know your account information to make any payments online such as lunch, school fees, and HCDOE 1:1 Digital Learning technology fee.

  • 2 proofs of residence. The school will require that you present the documents at the school.

In order to verify residency within the attendance zone of the requested school, two current documents as listed below and dated with the past 30 days, must be provided showing the parent/guardian’s name and address. Past due bills or Post Office box numbers are not acceptable for verification of residence.

Acceptable documents for Proof of Residence provided by the parent/guardian:

  • Deed / Lease / Rental Agreement
  • Utility Bill (Electric and/or Water)
  • Telephone Bill (not cell phone)
  • Internal Revenue Service W-2
  • Verification of Social Service
  • Notarized Statement 


Need support?

Please contact PowerSchool Enrollment Support

(866) 752-6850

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